Marquerite Alibert

Marguerite Marie Alibert (1890 – 1971), also known as Maggie Meller, Marguerite Laurent, and Princess Fahmy, was a French socialite. She started her career as a prostitute and later courtesan in Paris and from 1917 to 1918 she had an affair with the Prince of Wales (later Edward VIII). After her marriage to Egyptian aristocrat Ali Kamel Fahmy Bey, she was frequently called Princess by the media of the time. In 1923, she killed her husband at the Savoy Hotel in London. She was eventually acquitted of the murder charge after a trial at the Old Bail. There is a very interesting story about Marquerite shared on Historic Mysteries.

It is not entirly sure if Marquerite modeled for Yva Richard, I decided to store the photos that are mentioned to be from Marquerite just to be sure they won’t get lost.