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This project is a follow up on my tribute to the legacy for the Biederer Studio. I felt the legacy for L. Richard and his wife Nativa deserves the same attention. So many of their photos are shared, books written about their company and photos but there no websites that are fully dedicated to them. So I took it upon myself to add this project to my various projects dedicated to vintage fetish art and photography.

I am a true Valentine, born in 1972. My love for photography was triggered when I watched my father being busy in his darkroom. He was an amateur photographer who liked to do portraits and glamour photography. He invited me, I think when I was around 15, to view the negatives and make a selection to show the models. It was there where I learned to observe photos, a skill I have been using for years in curating various erotic art projects which I run (see the list at the bottom of this page).

Somehow I feel I can relate to Nativa, being a muse for her husband, eventhough nobody knows what true story behind their photos are I have this feeling she was the inspiring fuel that kept the company and her husband going. I know from personal experience that posing for your loving husband can lead to a special energy, it is something other then what comes to live between a photographer and model. The other connections have their influence as well, the erotic and sensual vibes, perhaps there were even bdsm dynamics which in itself would not have been strange since they started creating and selling fetish lingerie and tools. Of course I know all of this is a bit creating my own story about theirs. Which tells something about me, I like to help out others, to create projects that bring history to live. I am not the one who loves to step into the spotlight, you will find me behind the curtains 🙂

I hope you enjoy my efforts here, in case you like to show your support by donating that would be very welcome. I pay for hosting for my projects myself, I consider it a hobby  but every donation helps to keep this project online.
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